September 2016: Aluminum cover plates

Aluminum cover plates

The thousandth window with bended and fitted aliminum cover plate.

This week the thousandth cover plate including bended window left us.


For one international customer we produced a segmental arch element included aluminum cover plate.
The segmental arch element was bent by us, ready welded and provided with a coated aluminum cover plate.
To customers requirements the corners can be manufactured with mitre-cut but it is no problem for us to manufacture them with joint.

Bended aluminum cover plates are an attractive option for windows in PVC.
The combination between aluminum and PVC combines the advantages of the individual components such as tightness and thermal isolation of PVC profiles and a high resistance and exceptional look by the aluminum surface.
Individual requests can be implemented through a big color palette of RAL-tints.


To simplify the production flow for our customers they get the bended window welded, inclusive exactly aluminum cover plate.


Popular production flows are no longer disturbed by special elements and can be obtained just in time.




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